Protect Yourself from Fraud insurance for cars

insurance fraud

There are several ways in which consumers can be victims of insurance fraud for cars, including scams in accidents, tricks on insurers and fraud of reference. Whether you go to buy a vehicle insurance or travel, it is important to know how to protect themselves.

At the time of purchasing a car insurance:

  • Beware the offers for insurance of sellers of door-to-door, through telephone calls or announcements or requested on the Internet.
  •  Suspicion if the price of auto insurance seems to be much lower than the competition. Could be a scam or the coverage could be full of exclusions that only discover when you need coverage.
  •  Contact your state insurance department for vehicles to be sure that the agent and the insurance company have license.
  •  Make sure that the free services are not in reality hidden in your invoice for insurance for cars.
  •  Question if the insurance company has invested in the car repair workshops; this is a red flag. You are not obliged to use it and not will give you a better service or price, in fact could be worse.
  • Protects your identification number of auto insurance in the same way as your social security number, because if stolen, criminals can use in a scam.

In Driving:

  •  Beware if a car stops in front of you. Can be established by an accident on the scene.
  •  Trust your instincts. If someone seems siguiéndote or behaves suspiciously, go to the nearest petrol station or another safe place.
  •  Carries an emergency kit for accidents or at least a disposable camera in your car.

After a clash of two cars:

  • Exchanges information with the person who was driving the vehicle, including the license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Takes pictures of all the damage in both carts.
  • counts the number of people in the car. Get the name, address and phone number of each one of them, not just to the driver.
  • Call the police. Get a police report with the official name, even if the damage is minimal. This makes it more difficult for a criminal damage the car later and try to charge an increased demand.
  • Prevents people who suddenly appear on the scene of the accident and is directed to the specific doctors or lawyers.
  • Prevents the people you offer quick money to repair your car.
  • Requires detailed invoices of repairs or medical services. Saves all receipts related to the accident.
  • Beware doctors who insist that present a demand for personal injury after an accident, especially if you are not hurt.
  • Firm never claim forms of insurance for cars in white.

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