Get a car insurance as cheap as possible


Get a car insurance as cheap as possible

In case you are a new driver or have years of experience, these tips will help you to reduce premiums with your insurer of cars.

Levels of risk with your insurer

Car insurance companies base their prices on the level of risk they pose to them. In order to reduce the premiums, you need to reduce your risk. A quick and easy way to do this is to modify the description of your employment in the application form. For example, change the title of “marketing assistant” by “marketing executives”, this could save you up to 10%.

Adds a driver

Another tip is to add someone with experience of driving as a driver whose name appears in the policy of your health insurer. This should reduce the fees with your insurer, always and when you have a clean record.

This is due to the fact that the insurer assumes that you are going to share the car and as such will not be on the road so frequently.

Do Without parking?

If you are planning to opt for a third party insurance, then always checks the cost of any risk, since in some cases this can be cheaper. If you can park your car in a unit or in a garage then make sure to declare it in the application form, this will dramatically reduce the premiums of your insurer, since it reduces the risk of theft and damage.

Compare car insurance online

The next step to get a cheap car insurance is to compare prices. As the price of insurance vary dramatically is a good idea to explore. It is recommended that you go to the Internet so you can compare, as you can see the prices with different insurers.

Increase your deductible

Other ways to get a car insurance cheaper is to increase your deductible. This is the amount you will have to pay if you had a claim. Can you afford to pay if you were to end up in an accident?

Located less

You can also reduce the premiums of your insurer when driving less. All insurance companies will ask for the number of kilometers that you expect to drive a year. If you drive a lot you will have to pay more. It should be noted that if you say that you drive a thousand kilometers, but in reality there are five thousand, this could void your insurance and the insurer may not pay.

Remember that each company has their own algorithms to determine the amount of the insurance premiums. Adjusts the application forms until you find a price that is right for you.



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