Average monthly car insurance for 18 year old male

As soon as your child or teen is old enough to obtain a license, you should contact the company that provides you the auto insurance and notify you of the new driver in the House. That said, wait for that price that pays for your insurance increase, probably up to 50% more than the current price, since because of its inexperience whiledriving, young people tend to be involved in more accidents.

The odds that a teenager suffers an accident are high. According to a study of the Organization of students against them decisions destructive or SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) them teenagers are a 44% more than their time driving during the summer that during them months of the year school. What is more, the drivers of 16 years have a greater probability of find is in shocks that no other group ofdrivers, while them accidents in vehicles motorized are it cause main of death between them young of between 15 and 20 years of age.

According to the Department of transportation (U.S. Department of Transportation)in this age group 3,490 drivers died in auto accidents in 2006 and some 272 thousand were injured. That same year, the drivers between 15 and 20 years were 12.9% and 16% of all reported accidents and deaths of drivers in fatal crashes.

So, the following questions should be done are:

How to protect your young driver?

How to protect yourself financially? Or what is equal to how to keep the cost of the insurance to a minimum amount?
Below is a list of ideas and recommendations for both cases.

Protection for your young driver
Here are some recommendations of the Insurance Information Institute to improve the security of your teen driver:

Select a car that is safe.
The type of car that handles a young driver will definitely affect the price of the insurance. You and your teen can choose a car that is easy to drive and which provides protection even in the event of a collision. Avoid very small cars and the sports that are designed for high speed and performance because they can tempt the young man driving at dangerous and excessive speeds. Avoid the “all-terrain” (SUVS), vans or trucks, since that are more prone to roll over.
Click here for the teenager to take a driving course.
A young man who learns how to drive through a course of conduct is viewed more favorably by insurers that one that you learn driving with their parents. In fact, in some States, adolescents must take a course if they wish to obtain the licence at the age of 16, or wait until age 18 if they do not take the course. Learn how to drive safely not only will make sure your child is well, secure and safe, but will also save you money. Take a driving course can mean a 15% discount on the price of the insurance premium. Before scoring in the course, be sure that the course that’s going to take is accepted by your insurer.
Enter the young driver courses defensive driving.
Some insurance companies offer what they call programs for safe drivers. To involve young drivers these programs they must sign a contract that commits to be a “driver safe or responsible for”, for example, not can lead and consume alcohol, etc. Ask if your insurance company has this kind of program and if the teen meets the course will be eligible for a discount. Some insurance companies also have programs that include the monitoring equipment installed in this car. Parents can see where the kids are on a machine similar to a device’s global positioning that is placed on the dashboard of the car. Parents can see where is the young man in a Web page and if they exceed limits of speed in the area or they venture into areas far from your home or school, parents are notified automatically.
Talk to the young driver about the dangers of combining driving with the consumption of alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, or distractions.
Teach, stress, and constantly remind them that they should not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or when extremely tired. This awareness in children will help you keep healthy and safe avoiding suffering an accident, and also help to save money. If they maintain a good driving record, your insurance costs will go down over time.
Do much emphasis on the behavior of young people while they are in front of the steering wheel.
Auto accidents occur each year to young people who drive while they are talking on the phone, writing texts, or because they are distracted with the radio or the conversation of friends. Likewise, show him the dangers of being who distract the driver because of their inappropriate behavior in the car when another young man driving. Stress, stress and remind them constantly to avoid distractions, whether by talking on your cell phone, playing with the music player, or the friends inside the car. Encourage them to that when they travel with passengers, all be respectful of the person who is at the wheel and not distract you.
A good example.
Novice drivers learn by example, so better avoid handle careless or irresponsible for not imitate it. And not neglect to always use the seat belt and when handling never drink alcohol.
Ask about programs of graduated driver’s licenses.
Novice drivers often have restrictions regarding the activities that can be performed, such as driving with passengers in the car until they have a license that is of a particular type or have preserved it by the way minimum time, e.g. six months. A certain number of States has succeeded in reducing the number of teenage accidents by restricting the amount of time that are the drivers on the roads without supervision. If you live in one of these States ask if this applies to get additional discounts. And even if your State does not have this policy, you can set up a similar program with novice drivers who live at home.

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